Formula 1 : Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton score points in F1 and lead last Sunset Showdown

Verstappen’s 369.5 points against Hamilton’s 369.5 points with a decisive run to play in an incredible season; The drivers ‘and constructors’ champions will be the results of the Season Final in Abu Dhabi Grand Prix this weekend, with Sunday’s course live at 1pm. at Sky Sports F1 and Sky Sports Main Event.

Practice 110 December at 09:30 AM (UTC)
Practice 2 10 December at 01:00 PM (UTC)
Practice 3 11 December at 10:00 AM (UTC)
Qualifying 11 December at 01:00 PM (UTC)
Race 12 December at 01:00 PM (UTC)

Firstly, the incredible title duel between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton will be the result of a showdown with the F1 winner at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which ended my season on Sunday.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix & Hamilton’s Speed

Moreover, with Hamilton reporting the fastest lap ahead of Verstappen, second after a very dramatic run in Saudi Arabia, the tied rivals supposedly tied on points after 21 races from 22 events in a thrilling season.

Once the fourth time in the last decade in play, a champion will be crowned in the season’s event for the 30th time in 72 seasons in the history of the sport. .

Therefore, this weekend is only the second was after the 1974 season that two drivers have reached the point line.

Tied at 369.5 points, Verstappen is still ahead of South Hamilton thanks to the sport’s countdown settlement, having scored nine wins against the Briton’s eight so far this season.

This means it designates whether they score the same name of points in the only scenario where it is possible (ninth for one and 10th with the best lap for the other) – or both do not score at all – Verstappen would be world champion in the tie. -Pause.

What’s new with Verstappen & Hamilton?

As a result this future is a season of great skills and young people with crescents in the battle between the Formula 1 stack, the title plus and the leader of the new young generation.

Pursuing is the world debut title in his seventh season in the sport, but first with a title contender, 24-year-old Dutchman Verstappen would become his country’s first F1 champion and Red Bull’s second after Sebastian Vettel.

Significantly, he will also end Hamilton’s four-year reign at the top of the sport and would be the first non-Mercedes champion since Vettel in 2013.


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