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What are Formula One racing? Your guide to the world of F1

For the past few years, I have turn very interested in the world of motorsports, and with a peculiar interest in formula 1 live streams. It’s a term that meant very little to me arising up on the slopes of Mount Kenya. It’s good to start from the beginning. So what is Formula 1 racing?

Next, If you are a fan or big fan of motorsports, then you have also come over the term formula one. This is what I would like us to dig into further. I decided to do some explore to help you understand what formula one means and how it works.

What are Formula 1 live streams racing?

Formula One or F1 racing is the highest-level international sport of single seater or person motor racing. It is a sporting activity ruled by the FIA ​​- Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile or the International Automobile Federation where 10 teams, made up of two drivers each, compete in a series of races over a period or season of one year to determine the quality pilot. and champion builder. The name “Formula” comes from the set of rules that entering teams and drivers must observe.
The purpose of Formula 1 racing is to determine the winner of a race. The driver who crosses the complete line first after completing a pre-set number of laps is declared the winner.

Why are Formula One racing called that?

The name “Formula” comes from the set of rules that taking part teams and drivers must observe in this sport.

What is Formula One? Team history and size

Formula 1 racing initiated during the 1920-30s in Europe from other like racing competitions. Therefore, In 1946, the FIA ​​standardized the racing patterns and this formed the basis of Formula One racing.

The inaugural Formula One world drivers’ championship that held in 1950, the first series of world championships.

In addition to the world championship series, many other non-championship F1 races were also declared, but as the costs of carrying on these contests increased, those races were discontinued after 1983.

Lastly, every F1 team can have a maximum of 4 drivers per season. There are support staff in every F1 team who play a vital role in the team’s success.

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