MMA Live Streams

MMA means for Mixed Martial Arts. The first attested use of the term “mixed martial arts” came in 1993, when Howard Rosenberg used it to go over UFC 1 (the first sporting event coordinated by The Ultimate Fighting Championship). Now a days MMA live streams can be seen on every Saturday night organised by UFC.

It is a full contact combat sport where one competitor seeks to gain authority over another through physical force.

That is why the fights are completely literal and not faked like in WWE.

It is also fast known as the fastest arising sport in the world. Famous MMA live streams stars include; Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey, Brock Lesnar, Jon Jones, and Chael Sonnen.


The sport itself includes three main fighting styles; stand-up fights, grip fights, and floor fights.

Using different styles of fighting is what MMA live streams is all around. All major styles and disciplines can be used in an legal fight, to find out who is really the most real fighter among the two competitors.

For example, standing fights usually involve Muay Thai, Karate, Boxing, or Kickboxing. Clinch fights usually includes Judo and Wrestling techniques. Finally, ground fights can require Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Sambo & Wrestling.

The different styles listed above are just examples of famous martial arts used by modern professional martial artists. The full list of combat rules goes on and on.


As a result the sport of MMA, definitely has rules. Structured in the Unified Rules of MMA, fighters instructed not to take advantage of tactics that determined barbaric. As an example, the following actions are not allowed in modern mixed martial arts events; Groin punches, hair pulling, biting, eye gouging, head butting, kneeing to the head of a popped opponent, soccer kicking the head of a downed competitor, 12 to 6 elbows, finger flexion. Again, the list could go on, but you can see the full list of legal actions here.

The results of the struggle can obtained in various ways;

  • Knockout / Technical Knockout (KO / TKO)
  • Send completion (SUB)
  • Decision victory (DEC)
  • Draw
  • Disqualification (DQ)
  • Not answer

It is potential for a fight to end in a “medical stoppage” (classified as a technical knockout). Therefore Doctors hired at most major events, and if a fighter is seriously wounded, the referee will call the doctor in the cage. Then the doctor will analyse the injury and decide whether the fighter should go on fighting or not.

Lastly If a fighter unable to see with the eye, or if he has a broken bone, or has a large wound / cut, 9 times out of 10 the medic will stop the fight. This is to protect the injured fighter.

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