UFC: Tyron Woodley vs Dan Hardy boxing scheduled for 2022

Tyron Woodley appears to have lost hope of a rematch with 4-0 YouTuber turned pro Jake Paul. The former UFC welterweight champion lost to Paul by split decision this summer. Since then he has teased his tattoo bet with Paul, before finally getting an “I love Jake Paul” tattoo on his middle finger of her.

Woodley had campaigned for a rematch, but Paul has gone from another choice and is now set to face Tommy Fury in December.

“The Chosen One” seems determined to try to match his 0-1 boxing record. Ariel Helwani, via Helwani Nose, in addition to Woodley and former UFC welterweight challenger and commentator Dan Hardy have worked out the details of a fight that will take place next spring. .

Woodley and Hardy spent a few months exchanging trash online. Hardy mocked Woodley for his performance against Paul. While Woodley photographed Hardy’s career in MMA and the fact that he failed in his attempt to win gold.

Hardy recently with Tyron Woodley’s Submission Radio, where I claimed to have signed a fight deal. Hardy also claimed that Woodley was reluctant to sign his contract with him to formalize the fight.

Hardy’s Statement

“My contract is signed,” Hardy said. “And I know he has a contract in front of him, and the deadline is approaching, and he doesn’t want to sign it,” Hardy said. “And I don’t know why. I don’t know what the deal is because the terms have been agreed, the money has been agreed, the date has been agreed, the rules and conditions, the weight class, everything has agreed. ”But he still hasn’t signed the contract. Tell me about it. Tyron Woodley, why didn’t you sign The Frozen One?

Hardy was 25-10 (1) as a professional when a rare heart disease (Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome) ended his MMA career in 2012. Hardy claimed he was medically cleared to compete at New in 2018. However, the UFC, hired by Hardy, as a commentator, seemed hated for booking a fight for “The Outlaw”.


The best English course in MMA took place between 2007 and 2009. During that time, he won four UFC fights in a row to stage a title fight with Georges St-Pierre. Hardy lost to GSP by unanimous decision in one of the most explosive performances ever in the Octagon.

Hardy was fired from the UFC earlier this year. If he is free to box Tyron Woodley, he too must have been released from his wrestling contract.

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